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Beneficial Goat Formula Supporting Immune System.

The antibodies of colostrum will help protect the new-born from viruses and bacteria, getting the child off to a healthy start.
This first food is simply Mother Nature’sway of balancing the body to help it fight off illnesses and bacteria, as well as provide essential nutrients for cell function and support that your body needs to survive in our polluted environment.
Nu.Colostrum a unique blend of pure New Zealand colostrum and goats milk powder is a powerful natural source of nutrients important to the diets of both children and adults. Providing life-supporting immune and growth factors that ensure the health and vitality of the children.

Size 300 Tablets

- Adults: Take 3~4 tablets daily.
- Children: Take 1~2 tablets daily.

PURE GOAT MILK, COLOSTRUM 20~25% IgG, IGF-1, TGF-ß1, TGF-ß2, Lactoferrin (Goat Milk 200mg, Colostrum 140mg, Glucose Anhydrous DC 358mg, Tabletting Aids)

Storage Store in a cool dry place below 30C°


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