Prime-Med Health NZ, passionate about health.

We insist upon the scientific validation and high quality of our products. We strive to meet the highest standards of customer service. We believe in the integrity of our business.

The application of these principles to every aspect of our business is ingrained our philosophy. We love what we do. We make innovative natural products. And they work.

Prime-Med Health NZ has a very comprehensive staff-training programme including in-depth information on the background, actions, and benefits of the wide range of natural nutritional supplements. Our extensive range of health supplements is constantly expanding to respond to the challenge of creating new and innovative products to enhance the well-being of the customers.
Primemed GMC 200 +
NZ$81.00 Ex Tax: NZ$81.00

Primemed -  GMC 200 +GMC 200 is formulated to help with fast relief of muscular aches and provi..

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Primemed PMQ Plus 60caps
NZ$245.00 Ex Tax: NZ$245.00

Primemed -  GMC 200 +Prime-med PMQ Plus is a potent formulation containing Policosanol, MSM (Pu..

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